Crosshair Press

Crosshair Press is a small traditional indie publisher founded by four homeschool graduates in January 2014. Crosshair Press LLC went into operation in April 2016, with three co-founders at the helm.
We all had many things in common, most notably our love of great stories, regardless of genre (although we all have a soft spot for speculative fiction). We'd all felt the frustration of limited options for both finding and publishing great stories with speculative elements.
After hearing an amazing keynote speech delivered by Jeff Gerke at the 2013 Realm Makers Conference, we started pondering the possibilities of starting our own publishing company.

And that's exactly what we did. 

Our original idea crystallized into what we call our Crosshairs, the intersecting elements of high adventure and moral/spiritual dilemmas. We wanted to create space for great stories with these characteristics written from a Christian worldview, as well as mentor young writers and help them learn how to tell their God-given stories.
We opened for submissions in January 2016, so send us your queries and proposals!