Cynthia Ruchti, serves as a literary agent with Books & Such Literary Management, one of the most highly respected agencies in the industry. She is focused primarily on nonfiction, but is interested in a few fiction clients. In either fiction or nonfiction, she's looking for strong writing skills, a significant built-in audience (platform), and a compelling story from storytellers who understand the power of a well-turned phrase and the importance of a fresh approach.

So much more than an agency

At Books & Such, we help authors to build careers. From the smallest detail of the next book idea, to the big picture of the writer’s lifelong dreams, we work strategically to help each author reach his or her writing and publishing goals.

We help authors to:

  • Develop top-notch ideas
  • Get the smartest deal for each book
  • Think strategically about their careers
  • Be informed about the major shifts in the publishing industry
  • Stay innovative
  • Identify and cultivate their own brand
  • Understand book marketing and social media
  • Choose between traditional, print-on-demand, and digital publishing and provide the connections to do any combination of these, with a project manager to oversee print-on-demand and digital titles.

We go above and beyond the usual literary agency services by:

  • Offering continuing education, exclusive to our clients, via webinars and in-person sessions.
  • Connecting our clients with each other through an online forum, enabling them to offer insights they’ve gained, or to ask for help from fellow writers.
  • Creating Editors Select, a 24/7, password-protected website that showcases all of our clients’ projects to publishers.
  • Regularly highlighting projects to editors via direct, customized e-newsletters.
  • Developing Library Insider, a national database of acquiring librarians’ contact information, used in mailings to prompt library systems to order a specific title. Unlike other library databases, Library Insider is equipped to track results and is updated weekly.
  • Hosting a biennial retreat for clients and their spouses at resort locales for in-depth workshops and individual planning time with the author’s agent.