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Falkin Literary is a full service literary agency is Austin, Texas, founded by writer, attorney, and agent Mark Falkin. Mark, licensed in Texas, has practiced entertainment and intellectual property law for 17 years, representing hundreds of artists (a platinum seller and Grammy® winner among them), entrepreneurs and businesses, shopping artistic projects, drafting and negotiating entertainment contracts, securing trademarks and copyrights, licensing and selling intellectual properties, establishing businesses, litigating disputes. He has completed 3 novels (and a chapbook of poems), with two more in rough draft stages. One, literary, is long, self-published and well-reviewed (Days of Grace). Another, an upmarket supernatural thriller, earned an agent at a venerable NYC agency (Howard Morhaim). The most recent is a near-future suspense tale called Contract City published in hardcover by longstanding Baltimore indie publisher Bancroft Press.


Actively building his client list, he’s looking for fiction, namely, novels with a literary bent in these general categories (in no order of preference): suspense; thriller; horror; dystopian; offbeat and quirky; humorous; YA (literary; realism; smart horror); illustrated children's & picture books; smart, upmarket commercial women's fiction; and the catchall, that ineffable one called Literary.

You get the idea: whip-smart, fresh, commercial genre fiction, literary fiction, genre-bending or genre-blending. Full-voiced, dark, captivating, laugh-out-loud, unapologetic, transgressive. He wants kinetic stories that gratify the Wernicke’s area. He is looking for compelling, well-plotted, well-paced stories first, gosh-wow blank verse belletristic prose second. He simply wants, as any reader would, a great story well-told. He is especially keeping his eye out for more great stories written for men and boys. Where's the "important" accessible literary novel guys talk up to other guys because it's just that good?